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The Financial Success Academy for Kids
The Financial Success Academy for Kids
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Money mastery begins here

Transform your child's future with
Knowledge Makes Cents

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Why Knowledge Makes Cents?

Financial know how, navigating the world of saving and smart investing are skills that should be nurtured from a young age.

The value of a dollar is often lost in the material “wants” that surround us in our modern world, and the financial wellness and gratitude are fading into the past.

At Knowledge Makes Cents, kids gain financial knowledge and skills through fun games, activities and role-playing; parents learn how to provide the right tools and hands-on money experience at home.


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Our Programs

Hands-on personal financial education that sticks. No boring lectures here; we engage learners through interactive activities and real-world experiences to make mastering money management an enjoyable and lasting journey.

While we focus mainly on educating children, we do also have support for parents! The Allowance Matters is the perfect program for parents that want to align to the structure and support for their thriving new financial enthusiasts.

At Knowledge Makes Cents, we’re raising financially savvy children, together.

Our Mission

At Knowledge Makes Cents, we’re raising generations of money-savvy children in a fun filled environment.

Your kids will learn the value of a dollar and where it comes from.

As we continue to build on these values we instill a greater understanding of how they can invest in their future and why they would want to.


“My daughter has been attending YMMA camp for the past four summers. Last year was one of her most favorite years. We signed her up for a program [called FUNancial Freedom Game] not knowing anything about it!  She learned how to manage money and impressed us when she came home using words like investing, passive income and contributions.”

– Parent of Insiyah, grade 3

“…[my] kids had an amazing time at their first class last week. They didn’t want to go at first and were mad at me for signing them up for yet another course. When they came home, they were so happy, jumping around, and excited all week. This morning they woke up early and excited for their 2nd class. Amazing! What spell did you put on them?”

– Parent of Eugene (grade 6) and Isabella (grade 8)

“My son attended the FUNancial Freedom Game program….He loved it so much that he looked forward to it every day. And when we discussed what he had learned, I was impressed that he had learned about the value of money and the impact of the [financial] decisions he made.”

– Joan, parent of a KMCents student

“Knowledge Makes Cents is a much-needed supplement to our primary education system. It’s a great fusion of important life lessons in delivery method that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn.”

– Muhammad, parent of a KMCents student

“TMS School has been successfully offering the Knowledge Makes Cents’ financial literacy programs to the TMS community, as part of our after-school activities, since September 2014. The most popular KMCents program at TMS is called My Early Cents which is for 2nd and 3rd year Children’s House students. Our TMS families are delighted that their children have access to financial literacy programs that not only teach essential life skills but are fun for the kids.”

– Crystal, TMS School

“The York School included Knowledge Makes Cents programmes in its Co-Curricular Programme during the 2016/2017 school year.  The students learned invaluable information of how money and work, saving and spending, sharing and giving back are linked together – financial knowledge that they will continue to draw upon in life. The students were engaged in their learning and had fun! A truly amazing programme that will continue to be offered in the next school year!”

– Carol, The York School

“My 5-year-old son participated in the 2-day FUNancial Freedom Game [In-Home session] and it was truly amazing to see how much he learned and enjoyed it. He’s already asked to sign up again for the next session! Deborah was fantastic and made the course fun, interesting, and engaging for the kids. Financial literacy is an essential life skill and this course is an excellent way to introduce students of all ages to important financial concepts in a fun and interactive way. I highly recommend “Knowledge Makes Cents” to all parents and educators looking to give their children the tools and knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions in the future.”

– Laura, Parent of Chester (SK)

“I love teaching the Knowledge Makes Cents course because it provides kids with practical knowledge about money in a fun and engaging way. It is wonderful to see them discover the meaning of different words such as philanthropy, interest, and financial freedom. They come to class super excited to learn and they immerse themselves in the activities and the concepts that are taught. The Knowledge Makes Cents programs is very important because it teaches kids to be money smart from a young age and realize the difference between needs and wants which will be useful for them now and in the future.”

– Adrienne, a KMCents teacher

“I wish I could say I was successful at teaching my two adult children how to manage their personal finances. Despite all my efforts and examples, they struggle. As a parent we may know how to do personal financing, but how to teach that knowledge may be more complicated for some. The Knowledge Makes Cents programs would have been an asset to my adult children while they were growing up. I am pleased the programs are available for my 12 year-old. The fact that I can take parent classes as well to reinforce what is being taught is an added advantage. Watching first-hand what can happen to young adults, I truly believe this financial knowledge should be made mandatory. It not only empowers young individuals but society as well. Financial knowledge/security is peace of mind.”
– Dee

Our Clients

Knowledge Makes Cents is proud to collaborate with and offer our financial literacy programs (currently and in the past) at these exemplary schools, camps, educational organizations, and In-Home locations.