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As a parent, I think we get too caught up in trying to find the right athletic or arts based activities for our children. While these activities are undoubtedly important for our children’s development, I can’t think of a more important gift we can give them than the lifelong lesson of managing their finances. With 3 young children, I struggle with how to communicate this subject to them. Nothing seems to work. I am starting to realize that I just don’t know how to deliver the message in a format that will keep them engaged or that they will adequately learn from. That’s why I was so excited when I learned about Knowledge Makes Cents. I am so eager to enroll my kids into their innovative programs. I also realize that I too can definitely benefit from the adult programs being offered at Knowledge Makes Cents. I am really looking forward to having intelligent discussions with my children about money and saving and most importantly, not worrying about having to potentially support them financially in my retirement years!