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My Investment Cents™

This program is only offered in Summer Camps.

Level 1

Would you like your child to achieve financial freedom an an adult? Time is on their side if they start to invest and build their assets early. In this program, your child will set financial goals and learn about different types of investments, diversification, and risk tolerance.

They will experience the “journey” to their financial freedom, in class, by playing a fun Investment Game. This game allows your child to experience the volatility (i.e. investment gains and losses) from different investments and different levels of risk so that he/she can apply this knowledge to build a financially successful future in real life.

In addition to your child receiving a KMCents Certificate upon completion of this program, special memos are sent to you, the Chief Financial Parent, with tips on how to enhance the money lessons at home.

Level 1

  • Grades: 7 – 9
  • Duration: Typically 1.25-3 hours per day for a week.

Coming Soon – Level 2. Under construction.