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Why KMCents?

Learning that makes cents: Money skills are life skills.

Why KMCents?

There is so much we want our children to learn so their adult-lives are happy, healthy, safe, and successful. And parents realize the most important life skills can’t be taught just in a classroom. These important life skills are honed through hands-on experience at home. Let’s use healthy eating as an example. Schools can teach our kids about nutrition and balanced diets, but what if nutritious food is not available at home? It’s the experience of buying, preparing and eating healthy meals at home that form good lifelong habits.

Money skills are no different! Just like healthy eating, kids need to gain hands-on financial experience at home with parental support and encouragement. At Knowledge Makes Cents, kids gain financial knowledge and skills through fun games, activities and role playing; parents learn how to provide the right tools and hands-on money experience at home.

Let’s work together to raise generations of financially savvy children.